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Space Saving Tips for Your Suitcase

space saving tips for packing your suitcase | south seas adventures

When it comes to packing it pays, quite literally, to be strategic and make the most of the space you have. Check out our top tips to make the most of your suitcase space on your next trip.

#1 Make a list

Whether you like a traditional pen & paper list or use you smartphone it is essential to plan out what you need on your trip to ensure you not only don't forget something, but more importantly to make sure you only pack what you need. When you pack without a list it's easy to get off track adding in items you think you might need, rather than just the essentials. 

#2 Roll, Roll, Roll...

In order to make the most of your space roll your clothing instead of folding it. This will allow you to compress clothing items, fit them into indentation spaces in your suitcase and fit oddly shaped items. Plus it will help your clothes from getting fold wrinkles and creases making items more wear and go, a win-win.

Many travel experts—including backpackers, who must stuff months' worth of clothing into a pack the size of a box of wine—agree that rolling is superior to folding. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones. Plus, they're less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases.

#3 Use all Available Space

When you are packing make sure that you use all available space but packing things like socks and workout clothing inside your shoes, filling bra or bathing suit cups with socks or underwear, fitting large or odd shaped items in between clothing items and filling hats with clothing to keep their shape. You'll be surprised how much space you can save inside other items within your suitcase!

#4 Pick a Color Palette

In order to make the most of your packing space it will help if you stick with a color palette for your clothing - this will help you to pack less shoes, purses, accessories and to include dual purpose items such as outfits that can easily transition from day to night with minimal changes. 

#5 Make Sure You Know Your Airline's Baggage Fees

With each airline having different baggage-fee policies it's important to research your airline of choice before you begin packing. While most major airlines allow one carry on and one personal item at no additional charge, many of them have different rules and fees for checked baggage (especially if your itinerary has an International flight included). Depending on the length of your stay and how much you will be packing you may even want to research the baggage fees on airlines in advance to make sure you budget accordingly. 

#6 Use Space Saving Packing Aids

To help organize your items and save space think about trying packing cubes or compression sacs. These will help you keep your tightly rolled clothing items bundled together and provide compression to make the most of your space. 


With these tips you are one step closer to your dream location, helping to ensure you will not forget anything and that you will have everything that you need! Not sure where you would like to travel? Contact the travel advisors at South Seas Adventures who can help you find the perfect destination at no additional charge!

Linda  Gutekunst
Linda Gutekunst

An avid Scuba Diver and photographer since 1982, Linda has traveled the world extensively; however, her true love is the extraordinary South Pacific. Linda is founder of South Seas Adventures, where she specializes in all types of travel to the South Pacific region including Fiji, Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and others. Linda is a certified Aussie specialist, certified New Zealand PAL agent and a Tahiti Tiara specialist. Fiji’s friendly islands are Linda’s very favorite destination where she has traveled countless times. So if your travels call for the adventurous side of you, Linda can definitely speak your language.

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