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Best Times to Visit South Pacific Destinations Including | Fiji, French Polynesia & The Cook Islands

best time to travel to the south pacific

When planning your vacation destination it is important to take the peak and off peak seasons into consideration as well as what the purpose of your travel is. For example, if you are a couple looking for a romantic vacation it might not be best to plan this over large holidays and/or specifically school vacation times because resorts will likely have more families on property. You also will want to keep peak and off peak seasons in mind if you are on a travel budget or looking to avoid specific types of weather. 

To help save you some time we've broken down our top South Pacific destinations and the best time(s) to travel to each.

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Since Fiji is a tropical destination the weather is fairly mild year round with the main difference between seasons being that there are wet and dry seasonal variations. In Fiji the wet season occurs during their summer, which is November - March, where you will experience increased humidity, higher temperatures ranging from 75-88 F and often higher levels of precipitation. What these factors also bring are an increased risk of cyclones - so if inclement weather is a major concern for you - it may be best to avoid this time of year. 

The dry season in Fiji occurs during the cooler months of May thru September where you will find temperatures a bit cooler, but still warm enough enjoy swimming, sunbathing and most all of Fiji's amazing outdoor, water and cultural experiences. 

In the middle of the dry season you will discover Fiji's "winter" which is in July and August where temperatures are predominantly moderate with lows in the upper 60's F and highs in the 80's F.

Our experts suggest visiting Fiji from late October to early November because you will see some cost savings on both resorts and flights, mostly dry weather and far less crowds at the beaches and resorts. 

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French Polynesia

The Islands of French Polynesia really only experiences two distinctive seasons: Winter and a long Summer.

The winter offers travelers less chances of rain and also brings more pleasant temperatures while the summer (November - April), at times, can be unbearably hot and humid, as well as quite rainy.

The dry season in French Polynesia is May - October where average temperatures range from the upper 60s to the mid-80s. This is also the peak season for travelers because of the low humidity and ideal beach weather temperatures.

Our travel experts suggest the months of May - October as the best time to visit the Islands of French Polynesia.

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Cook Islands

The Cook Islands, much like the rest of the destinations so far south of the equator, offer a warm and tropical climate. Their summer months, opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere, are January and February and consist of hot and humid weather with temperatures in the mid-upper 80's.

During the winter months from June to August, the average temperature is in the mid-upper 70's F with cool, and even sometimes chilly, evenings. 

The Cook Islands rainy season, which typically involves short bursts of rain followed by heavy clouds and breaks of sun, is December - April. This is also the season when there is a risk of cyclones.

Much like the rest of the South Pacific there really isn't a "bad" time to visit the Cook Islands, looking for the  "best" time? Our travel experts suggest the shoulder months of April, May, September, and October as they will provide a lovely combination of sunshine and warm temperatures.


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