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Four Fabulous Experiences in Tahiti

Four Fabulous Experiences in Tahiti - Underwater Adventure

Traveling to new destinations is the perfect excuse to get outside of your comfort zone and try new things.

Whether it's a unique cultural experience, dining experience, adventure or simply taking in the sights - these types of experiences will create the memories you will cherish long after your departure.

With over 100 islands Tahiti is full of new are our four of our favorites.


#1 World Class Snorkeling & Diving

scuba diving

One thing you will learn about us here at South Seas Adventures is that we love any experience in the water. There is a calming feeling that comes from the ocean that we just can't get enough of - and Tahiti has some of the most magnificent waters we have ever seen.

Whether you are looking to dive, or snorkel, you will find that the crystal clear waters of Tahiti are filled with coral reefs, schools of colorful fish, mantra rays, eels, dolphins and even sunken ships & hidden treasures like stunning pearls.

#2 Polynesian Culture

polynesian culture

One of, if not the most, recommend activities we suggest when traveling to new destinations is to experience the culture and to get a taste of the local lifestyle.

There are a number of aspects that make the Polynesian culture so special; their warm and welcoming nature, delectable cuisine, beautiful traditional songs and our favorite...the dancing!

#3 Mountain Adventures

mountain adventures

Tahiti is more than just beautiful sandy beaches and luxury resorts...with a tropical paradise of  tropical jungles, dramatic coastlines and mountain trails boasting views of the sweeping seas below.

There are trails for all levels of hikers - from those looking for breezy walks to adventure seekers looking for steep stamina driven climbs. One thing all trails have in common though are the stunning views, lush landscape and an excuse to enjoy an extra yummy dinner as a reward.

#4 Surfing

surfing adventures in tahiti

Something many travelers don't know is that Tahiti is famous for their surfing - and has actually been the home of the annual Billabong Pro Championships.

Whether you are an experienced surfer looking for crashing offshore waves or a beginner looking to learn along the sandy beaches, Tahiti has the perfect location for you.


Have you been to Tahiti? We would love to hear what you enjoyed the most! Please share in the comments or on Facebook.

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